SAVER BUNDLE Protein Cream Protein Fluff Egg White Fluff low-carb keto low-cal no IMOs – high yield with egg white for 80 fluffs

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Saver bundle for preparation of protein cream (“FLUFF”) – completely without IMOs (fiber syrup / tapioca syrup).

  • 1 packet of egg white powder 400g – high yield, sufficient for up to 80 FLUFF servings! (1 portion = fluff made from one egg white)
  • 1 packet of FLUFF MAGIC 500g – yields 20 portions of FLUFF! Number of packets can optionally be increased.

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Indulge in healthy sweets without feeling bad about it – be full and happy with just 24 kcal!

  • just 0.5g net carbs and 24 kcal per portion (95g) ready fluff
  • 0% fat and 4.6% protein
  • a velvety-soft mouthfeel & the delicious taste of chocolate foam kiss filling – what a dream!
  • unbelievably satiating thanks to its high volume and high-fibre ingredients such as citrus fibre and pectin – perfectly satisfies your cravings for sweet treats
  • ready to eat within a matter of minutes | remains stable for hours
  • baked fluff for wonderfully crispy, fluffy meringue
  • just put it in the freezer and enjoy ice cream fluff (Fluffietta)
  • well tolerated: no isomaltooligosaccharides | no gut-reactive inulin | no xylitol or maltitol
  • the perfect basis for hundreds of dessert options: for jazzing up with fruit powders, flavours, nuts etc

EGG WHITE PROTEIN POWDER Free Range High Whip for baking, desserts & baking

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FLUFF MAGIC Ready-mix for low-cal protein fluff & low-carb meringue – keto, no added sugar, no IMOs

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Earn up to 158 Value Almonds.