About us – the Dr. Almond Team

Dr. Almond is the answer to the rising demand for low-carb and also gluten free food.

We, the Dr. Almond-Team, have made it our goal to develop low-carb and gluten free foods that are good for your health and taste just as delicous or even better than conventional (wheat- and starch rich) food. WE WANT that YOU don’t have a reason to miss any conventional, unhealthy food!

We have been doing a lot of research and experiments. Our first project was a low-carb and gluten free protein bread, and we have to admit –  it was NOT easy!

But after more than 500 experiments we finally made it: a baking mix, made of 100 % natural ingredients (and soy free!), that just needs to be mixed with water and baked – to give a delicious bread which tastes, feels and looks like a “normal” bread. The first recipe was followed by many more … and more. We now have a broad range of baking mixes for different breads – all of them low-carb, gluten free, soy free and simply delicious.

But our development is not done yet – we are constantly working on new products and WE ASK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT!

Which conventional bread (or other food) would you like in a low-carb & gluten free version?


Your ideas are very welcome!

We are looking forward to your message!

Moni & Sammy

The Dr. Almond-Team

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