We want to reward our regular customers for their loyalty!

For every purchase in our store, you can use your account to collect Value Almonds and receive discounts on future purchases!

What are Value Almonds and how do I get them?

Value Almonds are part of our new bonus point program. You can earn Value Almonds in different ways:

1.) By making a purchase in our store: for every Euro of the purchase value you will receive a Value Almond (example: purchase value = 100 € --> you will receive 100 Value Almonds!)
Important: The Value Almonds can only be counted if you are logged into your customer account during the ordering process!

2.) By rating a product you have already purchased: Products you have already purchased from us can be rated directly on the product page. We want to make the purchase decision easier for our customers – honest product reviews are very helpful for this. For a product review, you will receive 100 Value Almonds! The Value Almonds will be added to your account after approval by the admin.

What are the conditions for collecting Value Almonds?

To collect Loyalty Almonds, you must have a customer account with Dr. Almond and be logged in during the purchase or product review. Loyalty almonds for a purchase are counted only after the order has been paid or after a product review has been released. In case of subsequent cancellation, the Loyalty Almonds will be deducted.

How can I redeem Value Almonds?

Value Almonds can be redeemed with your next purchase with a minimum of 1000 pieces or you can collect them for a while – it’s up to you! As soon as you have collected more than 1000 Value Almonds, you will see the option to redeem them in your shopping cart. You can see the number of Value Almonds in your customer account. For redeeming 1000 Value Almonds you will receive a discount of 10 € on your purchase. A maximum of 2500 Value Almonds can be redeemed per purchase (corresponds to a discount of 25 €). If you already have more Value Almonds, they will be saved for your next purchase. The Value Almonds are valid for 365 days.

Can I also collect Value Almonds when ordering as a guest?

No, for collecting Value Almonds a customer account is absolutely necessary and the order must also be placed through this customer account. A subsequent settlement of previous guest orders to a newly created customer account is excluded.

IMPORTANT: Value Almonds CANNOT be redeemed together with another voucher if this voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers.

Further conditions:

Everyone who creates a customer account in our store https://lowcarb-glutenfree.com automatically participates in the bonus program from 23.10.2016 and agrees to the conditions of participation. The redemption of the collected Value Almonds is voluntary. A payout as monetary value is not possible. There is no entitlement to the redemption of the Value Almonds for products that are currently unavailable or have been removed from the assortment. In special promotions, some products are excluded from the Value Almonds or are rated multiple times. The number of Value Almonds for a product is displayed directly on the respective product page.

If earlier orders are cancelled, whose collected Value Almonds have already been redeemed in a further purchase, this can lead to a negative score. We reserve the right to subsequently invoice the discount received as a result, as this discount was obtained illegally. If further Value Almonds are collected, the points balance will be balanced before further Value Almonds are credited to the account. When submitting product reviews, we expect honest, factually formulated feedback about a product. We reserve the right to revoke the Value Almonds received for product reviews if the product review is not related to the product or if an attempt at misuse is detected. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the bonus program or to replace the bonus program with another one at any time. These changes will be reflected immediately on this page. There is no legal claim to the Value Almonds. Value Almonds are not transferable and can be redeemed only with a purchase in our store https://lowcarb-glutenfree.com with the same customer account with which they were collected.