Recipe “Fluffietta“ – Ice Cream from Protein Fluff Egg White Fluff low-carb keto low-cal

Recipe “Fluffietta“ – Ice Cream from Protein Fluff Egg White Fluff low-carb keto low-cal

Recipe “Fluffietta“ – Ice Cream from Protein Fluff Egg White Fluff low-carb keto low-cal

Monika Charrak
The perfect WEIGHT-LOSS ice cream from our protein cream - protein fluff – egg white fluff with – with JUST 1g net carbs and 142 calories per portion!
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Servings 8 portions
Calories 142 kcal



  • First prepare the fluff mass (double the quantity in the basic recipe). Mix egg white powder with 1/3 of the water first and leave to swell for 15 minutes while stirring occasionally, then add remaining water.
  • Gently beat up egg white until foamy, then whip at top speed until very stiff
  • Briefly boil up 100g fluff magic with 140ml water.
  • Allow the mixture to flow into the beaten egg white in a thin stream using a blender on highest speed – add flavours. Continue stirring for at least 1 minute. This causes the cream to increase in volume. The longer you stir the stiffer the mass! You’ll get best results using a blender!!
  • We recommend to line the oven dish with cling film, this way, you can turn out your "Fluffietta" perfectly!
  • Melt the chocolate magic and allow to cool down a bit – it should still appear fluid, though!
  • And here we go! The "Fluffietta" is made up from layers of fluff and chocolate magic! Spoon a thin layer of fluff onto the bottom of the dish or mould. Then pour chocolate magic very thinly over it – just like a grid – see photos below! Briefly put in the freezer until chocolate gets solid, this happens super-quick! Now continue with another fluff layer and sprinkle with chocolate magic – and again off into the freezer! Repeat those steps until you’ve almost used up all the fluff mass! Oh, right – I’ve added some chopped hazelnuts to one layer (see photos)! Also very yummy!
  • Put some fluff aside for the garnish on top. Squirt stripes on top using a piping bag with a round-shaped spout, let it freeze on and finally sprinkle some chocolate over it!
  • And now rush it away into the freezer for some hours until everything is properly frozen! The clever thing about it: the air pockets in the mass make the ice cream very hard, but it’s still easy to cut through and after a minute, it’s spoonable again! And no ice crystals are formed!
  • TIP: Just try your Fluffietta ice cream with layers of fruit puree or coconut puree instead of chocolate, or or or …. Be creative!
  • One portion of "Fluffietta" with chocolate ONLY has 1g net carbs and 142 calories! Brilliant, isn’it? This is the ULTIMATE weight-loss ice cream!
  • Just serve on a plate and garnish with some cocoa or fresh fruit! Enjoy!


Calories: 142kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 4gFat: 13gFiber: 2g
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